Intro to Onions Omega2 and Omega2+

I just ordered my Onion Omega2 and Omega2+ plus Expansion Board at the german reseller After just 2 days of waiting three little pieces of hardware arrived.

They come with a custom Linux based on the LEDE project.

After they booted (takes about 1 minute) the OEM firmware opens a WiFi Access Point with a name starting with Omega-. Default WPA password is 12345678. Default device IP:

Once you connected your Notebook to it, you’ll be able to use a Webbased Wizard to configure (Client Wifi Configuration, Firmware Upgrade etc.) your device. From now on you’re able to use your Omega2 via a Webinterface.

Since I need this tiny embedded linux soc for a very specific usecase I’m going to replace the original firmware with a LEDE build and reduce everything to it’s bare minium… we’ll see how that works :)


Default user: root Default password: onioneer

Connection via USB-to-Serial: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

LEDE Project Page

Offical Onion Firmware Builds

Install it with sysupgrade <FIRMWARE FILE NAME>

Testing LEDE

I was able to test LEDE on the omega2. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to connect to my wifi. Good thing I was able to open an Access Point, and copied the orignal OEM firmware image to the device using scp.

To reset the device to factory settings you can then use the following command:

firstboot -y

As you can see, it is nice that you can go back to the original firmware version.

Happy hacking! :)